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Sensory Preference Self-Test
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In this short self-test you will examine which senses you prefer to rely on when processing information and learning. Answer each question with your first "gut reaction" and try not to think too hard about each response.


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Sensory Preference Self-Test

1. If you could choose any way to learn, which would you choose:

2. When giving directions for how to get somewhere, do you:

3. Which are you more likely to recall:

4. Which type of instructor do you prefer? One who:

5. In planning to buy a car, what influences your choice the most:

6. Which are you more likely to recall:

7. Which would you prefer to do:

Most people have dominant and auxiliary sensory preferences. We access the world and learn through all senses, but generally favor one. We process visually (through images, color and form), aurally (through listening and sound) Kinaestheticly (by moving and manipulating) and through formal text processing (through reading and writing.)

Please note that these self-tests are compiled from a variety of different tests and measurement instruments. They are not well-tested psychological tools with demonstrated validity, and they are not meant to offer clinical diagnosis. These self-tests are simply designed to prompt users to understand that learning styles can impact their development as learners and students.
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